I have been teaching, researching and writing about education for over 40 years, most recently as Professor of Education at the University of Roehampton (London) where I amĀ  now Emeritus Professor. I continue to be active in research, scholarship and voluntary professional work, and am a trustee of the Caspari Foundation which promotes educational psychotherapy for children whose learning is hindered by emotional issues.

My particular academic and professional interests include:

  • Deliberate self-harm in adolescence and childhood
  • How schools, colleges and universities respond to students who self-harm
  • The concepts of spirituality, spiritual development and spiritual education, and the relationship between spirituality and the emotions
  • The debate about the desirability or otherwise of faith schools
  • Pastoral care in education.

I am available to give lectures and lead workshops on these topics, often on an expenses-only basis. If you would like to discuss any of these possibilities, please do contact me at the email address provided.

For details of my career to-date, see my CV