Deliberate Self Harm

I have undertaken two research projects focusing on how the phenomenon of deliberate self-harm is perceived, understood and responded to in educational institutions. The first project focused on young people of secondary school age, and included interviews with staff in schools, pupil referral units, a secure unit for young offenders and supporting agencies. The second was a case study in a university in the Greater London area.

Selected Papers

Best, R [2009]: ‘Students who self-harm: A case-study of prevalence, awareness and response in an English university’. Pastoral Care in Education, 27(3), 165-203.

R.Best [2007]: ‘Deliberate self-harm; findings from a study in an English university’. The Skill Journal, 89, 19-24

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R Best [2005]: ‘Self Harm: a Challenge for Pastoral Care’, Pastoral Care in Education, 23(3), pp. 3-11.

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